Man’s continuous fateful choice!

Since the dawn of time, man has been at loggerhead with God’s appointed plan for mankind; namely to have a close relationship of dependence and obedience with Him. A choice was given, with clear warning as to the consequence of one of those two options; man chose to ignore that warning and to listen to another, who harboured sinister motives. Misrepresentations were made, deception used; all for the sake of takeover.

We have remained vulnerable to deception and stubbornly continue in our insistence of living independently, relying on our own ability to discern right from wrong and for making life choices.

Blessed are all who wait for Him! Waiting is in opposition to our own independent striving! The trouble with waiting on God is that to what is termed “natural man”, our unredeemed self, waiting on God equals “doing nothing”, “living in lala land”! So we stubbernly continue in our often self-created messes and, like the fly caught in the spider’s web and get more entangled as we do! I know, I have been there too!

Jesus said in John 3, verse 3: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born a]again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 

We have all heard the saying, some have even joked about it and turned it into a meaningless cliche. Nevertheless, if we are not willing to be “remade”, we will never be able to understand God’s spiritual language, which brings true life to us and which enables us to live life successfully, with the help of His infinite wisdom, readily available to us, as we learn TO WAIT ON HIM, learning to trust Him and knowing true peace, no matter what our circumstances look like!

Can’t you hear His tender compassion for you in the above verse? He cares deeply for you and me!

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