As unbelievable as it seems, today will determine whether we as a country, are facing another leadership spill! Sadly, it’s becoming a pattern in Australia! All for the sake of preserving party supremacy, by electing a candidate most likely to win the next election! As Turnbull’s increasing “liberal” (read “leftist”) policies have caused a rift in his party (therefore the powerful, increasing rise of conservatism), Dutton is becoming a viable alternative in some people’s minds, due to his uncompromising conservative stand.

My own thoughts are that a country will never prosper for long, no matter who may be in charge, whether liberal, conservative, labour, leftist or whatever. A country that increasingly abandons God (read Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords), is doomed to gradually disintegrate on all levels of governance and industry!

The leader that needs to be reinstated in Australia is God, through Jesus Christ, and heartfelt prayer needs to occur accordingly! This is a call to all believing Christians but also a warning based on biblibal “deja vu”!

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