Update October 2016

Hello to my subscribers but especially to those participating in prayer!

It’s been a while since our last prayer focus (praying for Greece).

If you are anything like me, our intercession really never stops; whether it is to do with personal or family concerns, concerns around our local fellowship, friends and work colleagues and the wider world. I would say, going by the fact that you are part of this group, you would qualify for all of those!

Like me, you may have participated in the recent prayer focus for the Muslim world, during Ramadan.

Presently, the focus amongst some of us has now moved to the Jewish community, as they are celebrating their New Year. I follow the “Jewish Prayer Focus” (2. – 23.10.), edited by Jill Curry, with contributions by many Messianic pastors and ministries, world-wide and in Israel. At the same time, I also have great tender concern for Palestinian Christians, who are contending with incredible spiritual odds, as well as issues of sheer physical and spiritual survival.

It saddens me that some Christians feel that they have to take sides; either for this group and against another. No, we keep our eyes firmly on our Lord and on His agenda! He is no respecter of persons, as the Bible states in Acts 10:34-35 (Then Peter began to speak: “I now truly understand that God does not show favoritism, but welcomes those from every nation who fear Him and do what is right…) and Rom. 2:11. When Joshua asked whether the Lord was for them or for their adversaries, the answer in Joshua 5:14 “Neither,” he replied, “but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.”

Injustices will always be committed by all sides and they do need to be dealt with; the interpretation of what constitutes injustice is a very contended issue and only God ultimately judges rightly.

So, keep praying, as the Lord leads and remember that it is a privilege to be co-labourers in His kingdom!


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