Considerations and prayers at Christmas

Dear praying friends,

I would like to wish you all a peace-filled Christmas and New Year, as well as renewed vigour in 2016 for the ongoing tasks ahead, which the Lord is challenging us to continue in or to take up new challenges. May we have His wisdom to discern!

Would you pray with me for the many Christian refugees world-wide at Christmas, who feel heavy-laden and heart-broken because they have lost everything that has been dear to them; their homes, their countries, their families, their comforts. May they somehow know that we haven’t forgotten them! We are so blessed here in Australia to enjoy those things, or at least most of those things! Let’s never take them for granted!

Let’s also pray for those churches and organisations who go out of their way to bring joy into the lives of many; that they would have the funds and willing helpers to do so and that they would not neglect prayer in what they are doing.

Ultimately, we are all in need of a touch from God at this time, as it brings many challenges.

In love,

Pia Horan  

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