Truth Matters (noun and verb!)

In a world of relative truth(s)*(see footnote), which in my opinion really are lies, I believe it is our lives’ purpose and primary task to find truth for ourselves. Truth about what?

First and foremost, I believe we need to come to a decision about the existence or non-existence of God.

Has man made up God; is he a creation of man, to be placed in the realm of myth?

Or does he exist and is he the originator of all we perceive with our physical eyes, and beyond?

Once we sort through this; how do we then know which God is the “right” one; how do we get him to confirm that “we are on the right track”?

In the book of Hebrews (New Testament, The Bible), Chapter 11, verse 6b), the writer states “…that He (God) is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”. By earnestly (opposed to a mere whim) seeking Him, He rewards us with revelation about Himself, which is confirmed in the Bible. More than that, I have come to believe that He delights to reveal Himself to those who are serious about finding Him.

Of course, that means that you have come to make a choice regarding a certain direction to conduct your search in.

Truth will always have the effect of a cog that properly engages with the rest of the machinery – it’s result will be a smooth operation of the mechanism it is part of.

Lies, on the contrary, will lead to friction, poor operation and eventual breakdown.

In our lives, we need to eliminate much deception before they become such as we were originally meant to live. And, as I said in a previous post, ultimately we will discover that Truth is a person.

Keep digging for that treasure called truth, more precious than all riches put together! It (or He) will change your life forever, for good! I can vouch for it in my own life, and so can millions of others!


* The parable of the wheat and tares (Matthew Ch. 13, verses 24-30) speaks of a similar situation; a world where truth and those who walk in the truth (the wheat) has been infiltrated by lies and those who walk in lies (whether conscious or unconscious!), sown by “the enemy”. A further commentary states that tares initially tend to look deceptively like the wheat but at harvest time can be clearly identified as tares.

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