Prayer for Gender Specific Issues encountered by Female Refugees of all ages

*We lift up the issue of violence towards female refugees of all ages. We thank you that this outcry has been heard and that, humanly speaking, such organisations as the UNHCR and others are attempting to address this issue. Nevertheless, we read and know that this issue continues to occur and that it leaves life-long scars in those who have been victimised. We cry out for your mercy, Abba Father, on their behalf.

*We pray for more workers into this harvest of souls; victimised women and girls who, as a consequence may come to know the healing and empowering presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

*We pray for the families and communities of those who have been victimised; that they would stand with them, rather than reject them, and provide the comfort and protection needed by these suffering women and girls. We pray that these families and communities would be willing to be taught how to do that, especially if they come from cultures which tend to reject victims of rape.

*Ultimately, we pray for your justice to flow to these victims and that brazen perpetrators would be brought to justice. May the issue of violence and rape be portrayed as abhorrent by community leaders, rather than be treated with indifference, as happens in many cases.

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