Christian Leaders in Refugee Camps – Prayer Needs

• We lift up all Christian workers, missionaries and church leaders in refugee camps and wherever else they may be ministering worldwide to refugees, whether in detention centres or living on the streets. We thank you for their willingness to make themselves available to God, their fellow refugees and/or refugees worldwide, in order to serve them.

• We ask on their behalf that they would draw their strength, wisdom and guidance in all things from You, first and foremost.

• We ask that they would be given the support and resources required for them to be able to powerfully impact those they come in contact with, for Your kingdom’s sake.

• Help them to be Christ to those who have lost hope, lost their health, their strength and ability to provide for their families.

• Last but not least; we ask that You would provide for their immediate needs and the needs of their own families, as they in turn meet the needs of those around them.

• Thank you Lord, that you have granted to us to share their burdens with them through our prayer support for them and through any other means to which you may call us to.

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