Worldwide Arms Trade and Illegal Arms – Prayer Points

• We pray for all those involved in the manufacture of arms. We pray that they would adhere to the standards set out by legal governing authorities of their lands and the international community, represented by the UN and other ethical and legal regulators of this industry.

• Where there is greed and ethical indifference we pray that their motives will be exposed and that they will be forced to adhere to present national and international treaties or else be taken through a justice system and stopped from continuing their immoral activity.

• Father, would you sweep the world with a hunger and thirst for righteousness and convict many who are presently used by evil in promoting violence, to turn from their wicked ways and become agents of your peace.

• We bless all those who work for peace in this difficult area, such as churches and religious groups, as well as individuals and human rights organisations, in order to reduce the availability of arms and to rehabilitate both victims of violence as well as those who used to but no longer are engaged in acts of violence. May much support be given to them to continue their valuable work.

• Thank you Lord that you rule and reign sovereignly and that you delight to work together with obedient man to bring peace in the earth!

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Arms Trade and Illegal Arms – Prayer Points

    • Hi! Thanks for your feedback. This is a huge worldwide issue and I believe God-inspired initiatives, on all levels of society, together with much faith-filled prayer may ease the burden on the innocent, for they are the victims of this! Pia


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