War Orphans – Prayer for

This week, we lift up children world-wide who have become orphaned, due to war and the effects of conflict in their home countries.

We ask that you would lead them to caring people and/or organisations who will commit themselves to these children’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

We ask that you would protect them from all types of opportunistic evil and enslavement; whether through recruitment as child soldiers, into the drug trade, sex trade, child labour and any other exploitative practices.

Where an older sibling is taking on the role of the missing parent to his/her younger siblings, may it be only for short-term, so that they would not be robbed of their own childhood. May God Himself quickly help those children who can be reunited with caring family members, through various aid organisations and even through miraculous means.

These children would feel their loss acutely at times when everyone around them is celebrating Mother’s or Father’s day and other family celebrations!

May they experience the love of the Heavenly Parent, through His servants’ tender-hearted care!

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