North Korea

Prayer for Worldwide Refugee Needs – North Korea

1 May 2014

This week’s prayer need is for refugees fleeing North Korea.

Please pray that they would link up with several of the Christian ministries, operating both underground in China and openly in South Korea.

Pray that the younger women refugees would not become victims, especially in China, being lured into various aspects of the sex industry or sold into forced marriages to Chinese men. Also that the men would not be forced into the drug industry, becoming drug mules. They live in constant fear of being discovered and deported back to North Korea and are therefore easy targets for unscrupulous employers.

In South Korea they represent a sub-class and feel discriminated against, isolated and alienated due to huge culture shock and are easily identified due to language differences. Many live as recluse.

May they all come to know the saving grace and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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